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Work Hard, Play Hard: SXX Rocks the Midwest

Work Hard, Play Hard: SXX Rocks the Midwest


By: Meghan Neuland   Link to SXX Profile

In a time where classic rock bands are diminishing, the four piece band SXX arrives in full force. Playing out of Kalamazoo, SXX reaches all audience types with their diverse musical arrangements and original songs.

Members include Richard Nuyen on lead vocals and bass, Shawn Rainer on vocals and drums, Joe Taylor on electric guitar and Jeff Weers also on electric guitar, create music with a work hard, play hard attitude. (Original guitarist was Lon Bennett who has recently left the group being replaced by Taylor).
"We have all been jamming together since the 80s," said Rainer. "We're all really good friends."

With heavy guitar riffs and bass lines that keep your head banging, SXX has a fully loaded sound that will bring anyone to their feet. Nuyen's melodic voice keeps a subtle balance to the ever so forceful sounding edge of the drums. They create a loud sound that comes together to enhance their hard rock roots.
SXX was inspired after seeing Cheap Trick in concert. Rainer said that it looked like a fun time up on stage and he wanted to be part of that fun, ergo he started a band. Initially forming Bad Oscar in 1999, SXX didn't get its name until 2003.

SXX has been playing their rock n' roll all around the Midwest and has performed for events such as the Sturgis Toy Run, Sturgis Bike Week Festival, Leilapalooza in Battle Creek, and Rockapolooza in Jackson, just to name a few. They have also played many various venues such as the Intersection and the Rock Spot in Grand Rapids and Planet Rock in Battle Creek. SXX has played with a handful of rock talent including LA Guns, Jackyl, Sevendust, Otep and Firehouse. Rainer said that they one day hope to open up for Shinedown or Five Finger Death Punch.

Their newest album "Tell Your Friends" can be expected by late spring 2012. The album consists of hard rock with little hints of metal. Rainer said that their song writing has developed and the fans can be looking forward to elements of what they want to hear from the band. "We're pushing the envelope a little more. There are some great radio songs on this album," said Rainer. "It's a rush hearing your music on the radio. That feeling never gets old."

After receiving radio air time from Q106 with their first album in 2000, Rainer said that they are trying to hit their music that hard again to achieve more play time.
Within the next five years, Rainer said that as a band he hopes for bigger gigs and headlining slots. He said that the band would love to do some small tours and bigger festivals reaching out to more venues throughout the country. But until then fans can check out SXX's future tour dates and listen to their music at their official website Don't miss their upcoming show at on January 14th at Planet Rock in Battle Creek.