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Recent Events

An Interview with The Accidentals: Part of the Girls with Guitars Tour

Katie Larson and Savannah Buist of The Accidentals

In music theory, a natural is an accidental which cancels previous accidentals and represents the unaltered pitch of a note. So it is an interesting coincidence that the two members of The Accidentals, Katie Larson and Savannah Buist , are natural musicians.

The Accidentals nature ability and passion for their craft is evident in their music, lyrics, and collaborative efforts. Collaboration is what brought them together. And it is this collaboration, a deep, collective determination to reach an identical purpose, that will keep them together for a long time.

The Crane Wives: Sharing Honest Music

The Crane Wives

by Chris Falk

Indie Folk is a music genre that arose in the 1990s from musicians in the indie (independent) rock community influenced by folk and classic country music. Indie folk combine the catchy melodies of indie rock with the acoustical sounds of contemporary folk music.

Also occasionally called Lo-Fi Indie, Indie Folk pulls influence from traditional and contemporary folk music, classic country, and indie rock. Many indie folk bands tend to be thick on complicated instrumentation, lyricism, and multi-voiced harmonies. They're basically the bands who make a new direction of contemporary folk music palatable to indie rock audiences.

Livetronica pioneers Particle bring long-awaited tour to Bell’s


by Ryan Yuenger

Particle is finally headed to Kalamazoo. As part of their first major tour in 6 years, Particle wsg Freekbass will take the stage at Bell's Back Room on Wednesday, April 16. This visit marks the return of Particle keyboardist Steve Molitz to Bell's, where he recently played as part of the Joe Marcinek Band. According to the band's official press release, this tour will see the band continue its tradition of combining a full light show and multimedia production with their signature mix of high-energy dance music, rock and funk."